and Hiking Shoes: My Family Vacation to Muskoka

Ruskin Bond said that as adults, all our childhood years acquire a certain golden glow. Often times this is true, but a few months ago I was going through my childhood albums and I realized that some special moments are always golden, even during the time when you are living them. The pictures I was going through belonged to a time when I was in my post-puberty years. My dad would take us to our Grandpa’s home in Ontario, Canada, and we would all make an amazing camping trip to the Torrance Barrens which is in the Muskoka region.

Muskoka is known of its natural beauty. According to National Geographic, Muskoka is one of the top 20 great places to experience.

My Grandpa was an active supporter of the Muskoka Heritage Foundation and Muskoka Watershed Council. Muskoka is a wild land which is one of the few remaining areas left on planet Earth where Nature rules uninhibited. Human presence is highly regulated, and while tourists can go for their stargazing trips to the Torrance Barrens, and take hiking trips through the woods and even enjoy nice long walks near the lake, no one can leave any marks of their presence behind. This is one part of the world where wild life can rest un-invaded and undisturbed. The Heritage Foundation had recently started the Muskoka Conservancy to protect the wild land from human activities. It’s motto runs as “To nurture, conserve, and protect Muskoka’s natural and built heritage for future generations”. They even have the Muskoka Stewardship Conference where all land and lake stewards along with other public members get together and share ideas and learn more about stewardship from other experts. Their efforts have really paid off, as the pictures we all had taken on our trips showed Muskoka at its finest—beautiful colorful trees everywhere and the whole place seemed so peaceful and quite. My father would insist on taking us on a long hiking trip to Torrance Barrens where we could enjoy the 360 degree view of the night sky.

My father and I love to star gaze, and together we had identified about 54 constellations of the night sky. I remembered reading about the Ecology of the Night Symposium which was held in 2003. Academics, astronomers, politicians, ecologists and indigenous people had come together to discuss the importance of minimizing “light pollution” and preserving the night sky. The pictures made me feel very nostalgic since I hadn’t gone to Muskoka for the last decade. Pressure at school and the impending career decisions had always deterred me from taking the long trip from the US. After seeing our happy faces in the pictures, I was determined more than ever to carry on this family tradition myself. So after making all the plans, I finally told my five year old kid and my parents that we all would be taking a trip to Muskoka soon.

Visiting Muskoka again

My family was of course quite ecstatic, and my grandfather was more than happy to welcome us for a week’s stay at his house. So I started to make the necessary arrangements. I knew that the hiking trips were quite long, so a good pair of shoes was a must. My daughter’s sneakers where getting a bit rusty, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to splurge a little and get a new pair of shoes for both her and me. I started an online hunt for the perfect hiking boots, and finally answered my prayers! I was actually quite surprised to find such an amazing range of hiking and sports shoes for such an affordable price. I was always a big fan of the Flyknit collection of Nike, and have had a lot of trouble finding them in the local stores. But I was surprised to find them at FinishLine, so I bought one of the best looking pair. The Women’s Nike Flyknit Air Max Running shoes at a decent price of $224 was a fantastic find for me! On top of it, the FinishLine coupon code reduced the price even further. Buying this pair was the best decision I had made. This shoe is of featherweight design, and it did not sit heavily on my feet as I hiked and ran a couple of miles. The footbed is aptly cushioned, never letting my feet get tired. The sole is also well made and durable.

For my daughter, I got the Girl’s Grade School Nike Huarache Run Running Shoes for $84. The neoprene-like sockliner not only gives a very light weight finish to the shoe, but also keeps it flexible. The footbed is made of phylon foam which provides proper cushioning as well. My kid neither cried even for once during the hiking hours, nor complained that her feet were hurting. Plus the shoes came in pink to my little girl’s delight! has been heaven sent for me and my family. I got a pair for my mum and dad each, and we all had a great adventurous trip to Muskoka. Usually hiking trips leave blisters and foot aches, but thanks to these amazing shoes on, we never had any issues. My family and I had a great vacation and I am really happy that we could carry on with our family tradition.

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