5 Awesome Athletic Accessories I Recently Got From Finish Line

5 Awesome Athletic Accessories I Recently Got From Finish Line

July 6, 2018 Off By Melinda

As someone who spends most of his time in the outdoors, I’m always in the lookout for gear and accessories that are not only pleasing to the eyes but durable as well. Whether I’m going out for a two-hour run or a day hike, I always make sure that the gear and accessories I have are durable enough. I buy most of my stuff online as I find it really more convenient and prices tend to be lower for products when you purchase them online. I’ve recently come across FinishLine.com, a website that sells an extensive inventory of footwear, apparel, and accessories. I now do my shopping on their site regularly and below are five of my favorite accessories that I bought from their shelves so far.

1) The Oakley Method 360 Backpack – The number one reason why I really like this medium-sized backpack is its storage capabilities. Although it’s not a good option if you are going out in long trips, it’s a nice companion when you are going for a short walk or a hiking trip that will only take you for a day. The bag is perfect for people who need to carry gadgets like cameras, tablets, and even laptops when they go outdoors. The bag has padded compartments where you can stuff your gadgets and not worry about them being squashed or destroyed. At only $60, the bag is a good deal. It also comes in three different colors.

2) The Polar A300 Fitness And Activity Tracker – If you are a health junkie, then this watch is something you will find very valuable. If you have fitness goals that you want to achieve, this watch will help you track and monitor your progress. You can see how many calories you burned in a particular day, how many steps you took, or how many miles you’ve covered in a day. It’s on sale for only $139.95 and depending on your location, you might qualify for free shipping costs.

3) The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle – There are a lot of water bottles in the market today that specifically cater to athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. However, most of these are of low quality. The same can’t be said about this stylish and durable bottle manufactured by Nike. It’s made from lightweight materials so it’s great for runners and its water capacity 24 ounces. And it only costs $14.

4) The Nike Lightweight Running Sleeves – Running sleeves are very important accessories for runners and cyclists. The sleeves not only protect the runner and cyclist from the elements like wind and rain, it also provides extra comfort. It’s stretchy and durable so it’s worth every penny of its $20 price tag.

5) Men’s Adidas Energy Tab No-Show Running Socks – You can have the best shoes but if you have the wrong socks, your feet will suffer from unnecessary blisters. You can easily fix this problem by using this high-quality running socks made by Adidas. It’s made from fabric that will stay fresh and dry even after hours of running. It’s very affordable too at only $14.

FinishLine.com also carries other products and accessories like Oakley sunglasses, baseball caps, arm bands, and so much more. You can find full product listings on their website at FinishLine.com.