Review of New Balance 1260 V4

Review of New Balance 1260 V4

August 6, 2018 Off By Melinda

Being a frequent runner, my shoes are as important to me as a gun is to a soldier. My old shoes were doing a decent job but alas, nothing lasts for ever. So I recently ordered the New Balance 1260 V4 running shoe off Footlocker and have been using it for almost a month now. Breaking them in took me two days of running, which is not a lot of time, considering some of the other shoes I have used.


Having an inherent problem of overpronation in my running gait, I chose this shoe to see how much it can help with this issue. A month into using them, the usual pain in my toe after long runs has come down drastically. The long and deep medial post goes a long way in ensuring that overpronation is taken care of.

Underfoot Comfort

The shoes feel very light mainly due to the redesigned TBEAM and modern materials used in manufacturing. The shoe has managed to give a good combination of cushioning and control making it a luxurious underfoot system.


The heel-piece has ABZORB which claims responsive cushioning. The cushioning was decent though I prefer more cushioning in general. The better part about the heel-piece is the N2 as it really allows the foot to get really close to the ground thereby enabling better control. Also, a deep lateral release groove through the center allows for slowing down overpronation.

Upper Unit

Despite the midsole unit providing crucial support from the ground up, its the upper unit which has more to do with it in these shoes. The upper unit has the FantomFit material which is 3D printed and really light. It gives a soft feel to the foot and has support structures underneath that hug the midfoot and keep it safe. Plus, the front is breathable and that’s quite a relief as I perspire a lot in that region.

Sleek Look

I know it’s not important when it comes to functionality of the shoe, but I for one prefer that my shoe should look good. And that is one area where these pass with flying colors. The color scheme looks fresh and attractive and the overall look makes it appear very sleek. The big shoe feel is not there at all and it’s something I don’t like anyways.


At 140$, the cost is a bit on the higher side, but I feel it’s worth the running experience. Plus, being a frequent runner, it was an essential purchase for me so the cost didn’t matter much anyways.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend the shoe for frequent middle distance runners. In the price range, they are a decent option to go for as compared to the competition.