Who is Melinda

A little (or kind of a lot) about me and why I cerebrate I can call myself “The Athletic Shoe Girl”.

My name is Melinda and I grew up in Paris, France. I relish to jest that I was born in high heels, and albeit that’s conspicuously erroneous, I was born with the love of shoes.

I was so fortuitous to grow up with high quality shoes due to my mother’s high paying job. I was the only girl in the 7th grade wearing the shoes Conjecture was famous for… and recollect those Conjecture uggs? That’s the first time I felt the puissance of an “it” shoe.

Later on in life, I took several courses in art and design in local community colleges before heading to The Design Academy located locally in Bordeaux, France. Afterwards, from my shoe program I went back home and commenced working as a Head of Department for the Shoe company “Controlle”. At the time, we were only making high-heels and flat shoes but after a while my company decided to try pick up a license for uggs and athletic based shoes which I was a component of that project and I doted it! It was so exhilarating putting what I had learned to utilize.

Eventually I moved to Greece to help work as an assistant of the firm Controlle and was surrounded by mountains of people I couldn’t believe I had the privilege to work with!! It had finally happened! I had landed my dream job. I eventually decided to part with Controlle in order to try create a brand of shoes that I fully loved and had complete creative control over, it wasn’t anything I had ever mentally conceived I would do, but it was the best idea I ever had and I haven’t looked back since!

Now I’m 28 and own the company “Lost-Without” which produces mainly athletic shoewear as well as apparel for exercise.

Melinda Jackson (Mobile, AL, USA)